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HouseOfMedia is a full service digital media company located in Toronto.

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We offer web solutions that address every aspect of doing business on the Web. We feel it would be a disservice to our clients not to.

Many business owners can obtain a nice web design for their business, however, in order to achieve success in the highly competitive world of online businesses, well it takes a lot more strategy and effort. Here at HouseOfMedia we understand the requirements to run a successful online business and can help you along the way.

What can we offer? Here are our main digital marketing services:

Our Specialities

Compelling Website Design

Your website’s look and design is a representation of your business. Not only do we strive to ensure we bring your vision to reality, but we also take the time to listen to your requirements and what you would like to achieve with your online business to ensure that the look and feel you are seeking is in line with your business goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Many web development companies may offer a nice design, one that would end up lost in the sea of thousands of websites. We aim to design your website then have it rank high in search engines. We have extensive experience in SEO to get your website discovered and our clients appreciate the increased business it brings.

Video Marketing

Using video to market for your business is one of the most powerful tools to enhance your brand awareness. Studies show that using video is 300% more likely to convert your viewers into loyal customers in comparison to your standard graphic design.

APP Development

With the practicality and efficiency that Apps bring to businesses, many are opting in to design an App for their business. This helps businesses immensely and is considered a very attractive option for many. If you have an existing business or simply have an idea for a new App, HouseOfMedia can help!

Graphic Design

Your online presence is where you make your first impression and to ensure you make a strong and great first impression, we pay special attention to detail and graphics. This is where our team of designers and artists collaborate together to deliver the best representation of your business and to help convey the right message to your audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools for marketing businesses. Although many are familiar with the top platforms, only a few have the experience to maximize on its potential. We use strategic tactics and proven methods to use the top social media platforms correctly. Not only do we provide immense expertise on the subject, we also use the technology to manage it efficiently.

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