Mobile SEO and Mobile Web Design with AMP-HTML on WordPress


15 Mar Mobile SEO and Mobile Web Design with AMP-HTML on WordPress

A few weeks ago I had wrote about Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative. I explained how AMP-HTML will allow for instantaneous article load times for mobile devices much like Facebook Instant Articles.

Since we develop most our clients Websites on the WordPress CMS I will be sticking to the topic of AMP-HTML for WordPress Website Design. I wrote the article the day the initiative was announced, and stated that Automattic had already begun development for a WordPress plugin that will auto create an AMP-HTML version of your post. I recommended that we wait for further development to begin using the plugin. The plugin is stable is as can be now and create a valid AMP-HTML markup version of your posts and NOW pages too!

Unfortunately there are no styling options, which can be frustrating for Website Design Companies and other publishing websites. We know how much of the design and code gets stripped to achieve instantaneous load times for the AMP pages and posts. The AMP-HTML posts and pages are being served from Googles servers which also aid in the speedy delivery of the mobile version.

I predicted this to be a new SEO ranking factor as far as I can tell by running some optimized posts we made on behalf of our clients and the AMP pages seem to be getting indexed more quickly than the original post. I feel this confirms that AMP-HTML is now a mobile SERP ranking factor.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

Mobile Web Design with a twist and the benefit of SEO new ranking factors

Pagefrog has developed a stellar plugin that allows you to style and prepare your articles for “Facebook Instant Articles” The developer was quick to add in support for Google AMP-HTML as well. Since the release of support for Google AMP-HTML we had a few issues with the styling of the posts and uploading a custom logo as opposed to Automattic’s WordPress default logo. Branding being important on all mediums I raised the issue with Nigel from Pagefrog and we worked together to troubleshoot and get the issue resolved. Nigel has gone over and above and now added support for PAGES!! too. So AMP-HTML will not only benefit publication websites and blog posts but we can now squeeze some SEO juice and mobile friendliness out of AMP-HTML versions of every page on our sites! This is great news for those of us in the industry web design of mobile web design.

I should mention that Pagefrog is now supporting APPLE NEWS formats as well. You can download the plugin from the WordPress codex for free. I encourage everyone to support them financially as the work they have put into this plugin has really made taking advantage of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages almost effortless!

Watch this video on me styling THIS blog post with the Pagefrog plugin! Don’t forget to visit the Pagefrog Website!

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