The HouseOfMedia Process

  • 01 IDEA

  • 02 CONCEPT

  • 03 DESIGN

  • 04 DEVELOP

  • 05 DEPLOY


Our number one priority is our client! It doesn't matter if you are starting a new business or already established, we are committed to assisting you with your goals as your success is our success.

We offer flexible options to suit your budget and work schedule to ensure you are attended to every step of the way.

Our Services include


HouseOfMedia is Toronto’s premier web design company, specializing in state of the art design and development. When designing, we pay close attention to detail, strive to provide your audience with the best user-experience imaginable and work closely with you to give you the most creative and unique design possible. Our design and layout is geared towards making your message clear and concise while maintaining a clean design to highlight your message and user friendly navigation. With HouseOfMedia design, no two websites will ever look the same. We ensure creativity and uniqueness at all times!


SEO, stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of maximizing your visibility to the search engines, primarily Google. We do this through a process of website optimization, content optimization and many other factors. In fact, when deciding where to place you in the search engine results for your chosen search terms and keywords, Google takes into account well over 200 factors. Sounds overwhelming right? Well that’s where we come in! We are experts in the art of SEO which is vital to any business success. Having a beautiful website is the first step and SEO should be your next step. SEO will help your business success immensely as it will allow you to show up when people are looking for your services. This will generate a lot more business for you and well be well worth the investment.


Would you rather read this or watch a video about it? Online Video is quickly becoming the #1 means of preferred information intake. With digital media evolving at an exponential rate, video marketing is on the rise and its only the start. Whether you are a small company or an established one, a video that introduces and explains what your business is about is the most well received way by today’s specially busy consumer. Most successful Website will have a introduction Video on their home page as a minimum! Many site visitors will skip all the text to play that video that you have on your page. The statics show a percentage as high as 300% more in favour of businesses using video when it comes to conversions in comparison to conventional advertising. Video can be shared on your website, social feeds and even in email communications! Its fast, efficient and A LOT more fun!


Graphic design requires creativity and originality! We combine an eye for aesthetics with our technical skills to deliver a great end product. Our goal is to showcase a unique brand, provide great user experience, while using the latest technologies. With a team of talented graphic designers, brilliant web developers, and genius strategists, you can count on us exceeding your expectations!


Looking for social media marketing services and management? We have you covered! Tap into the most powerful marketing tools with HouseOfMedia where we can optimize your social media pages as well as manage them for you!

We handle accounts by deploying strategies that work for every business. Our methods have actually been tested to ensure you maximize your results and achieve your goals, whether its driving traffic, generating leads or increasing conversions.


Aside from the fact that it’s REALLY cool to have your own App, your business can actually benefit from a Mobile APP! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we can help you come up with a strategy, design and functionalities for a Mobile APP that can change the way you do business! Ask us how!

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