Why Your DIY Website Design Is Hurting Your Business

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25 Jan Why Your DIY Website Design Is Hurting Your Business

We get a lot of clients coming to us for a redesign, which is great! Time and time again we are developing a professional grade website to take the place of a DIY. It doesn’t surprise us that some of our clients are still “stuck” on some of the design elements of their home made website and just want us to make it look a “little more” professional. They do not want a complete redesign.
We’re not shocked at all by them wanting to retain some of the design and layout they have created. Why? They put a lot of time and effort into it! They are proud of what they have done and this is totally understandable.
Unfortunately we have to break it to them gently that their site is not: following best practices, not mobile friendly, not Google friendly, not future friendly and definitely not people friendly. The Idea is the website needs give the visitors the best possible user experience. There is a lot of strategy involved in developing a website with a good UI/UX.

Properly executed website design, user interface and strategic layout is something that comes with experience and a LOT of testing.

People are on Google right now looking for you but they can’t find you and if they happen to visit your website – say, if you give them your business card. They need to be able to find exactly what they are looking for without much effort.

In most cases they want to know.

  • What service or product do you provide?
  •  A clear explanation that compels them to consider your service or product.
  •  How much does it cost?
  •  How can I get a hold of you?

Every hosting company offers a website builder of some sort and this is in my opinion a disservice.

To countless small business owners and many business start-ups, saving money by building their own website seems like a great idea. Unfortunately these websites will not bring in new business.

I’ll explain why:

Plug and play templates can’t work for you. – Your business is unique and needs to stand apart from your competitors. Sure you can insert your logo and select your own colors, however this is still very far from being unique. It’s going to be extremely hard to use a pre-made template that conveys your conceptual message, branding, and give that ever so important “first impression”.
As professional web development team we base the design on several key concepts. A thorough market analysis and complete understanding of your business and its goals.
I must reiterate the “first impression” as these days more often than not your first point of contact is going to be online. Your website is the face of your business online and should represent it accurately and professionally.

Not only should it make a good first impression it must leave a lasting impression.
Using these free (and even most of the paid) online website builders will always limit you to “inside the box” design and lack functionality. You’re going to be stuck with the provided layouts, fonts, and functionalities. You’re getting the same tools and functions everyone else does. No matter how creative you are you will still be very limited.
Professional website design companies have the experience and know how to be as creative and innovative as they want and the possibilities are limitless. A good Web Design company will take the time not only to get to know your business, your goals and your competition, but you as an individual so that they can develop a custom website with a unique and creative design, layout and user experience.

There is also the matter of “Responsive Web Design”

When using these DIY website applications it’s hard to create a site that resembles a professional look and feel to represent your business and even harder to get them to play nice with mobile devices. Your website needs to look good on all devices. These days many people are using their mobile devices when searching the web.

Here is my segue in to the topic of SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and quite frankly these website builders will in fact produce a “website” but it will be drastically limited in this sacred area of having an online presence.
Let’s face it….. Even a beautifully designed website is quite useless if nobody can find it in the search engines.  A properly optimized website will help your customers find you – In fact they are searching for you right now! Do you know whose website they are finding?

Your competitors…

Most people won’t go past the second page. With SEO Google is looking for the same thing as your visitors: Accurate, relevant up-to-date search results. Getting your site indexed on the first page or two of Google is complicated task. SEO starts in the code, through to your sites structure and further but most importantly into your content. With the instant website builders you can’t implement much SEO practice at all and in fact it will hurt the websites chances of being found the minute you launch it.

SEO is more than a procedure it’s a process and it needs a professional touch in order to apply it effectively.
Creating a powerful website is takes more than what these homespun websites can offer no matter how much effort you put into it. It’s also very time consuming. You are already running your business and probably don’t have the time it takes to produce a website that is going to be effective in representing your business or bringing in new customers.

Homemade websites “look” homemade and do not represent your business in a professional light. When to come on-board with a professional design company, your website is going to convey a professionalism and build trust.
You are the authority on your own company. This knowledge stems from experience, understanding, and dedication. In regards to website design, an absolutely different sort of expertise is vital for professional results. If you’re inclined to undertake your own personal web design, consider if anything less than professional design is good enough. Then call an established web development company and get the ball rolling. This is a wise investment and crucial to your business needs you should accept nothing but the best for your company!